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Mixing b and d but not p and q.* Skipping the and an in print.* Attentive one moment, tired the next.*

*REASONS: b/d are close in sound; small function words are not prominent; certain tasks overwhelm those with processing problems.

learning disabilities (LD), reading problems, processing disorders

Contradictory behaviors

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    Works hard but fails

    Extra effort may be wasted when underlying problems have not been addressed.

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    Articulate but can’t spell

    One has to be conscious of the sounds of words to spell correctly but not to speak.

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    Smart but can't read

    People at all levels of intelligence can face language-processing problems that hinder learning to read.

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    Reads but can't recall

    Language-processing problems during reading can overwhelm the brain, preventing efficient storage and recall.

dyslexia comes in many forms

Dyslexia covers a broad spectrum of deficits, yet current methods generally don't probe deep enough to trace the root cause of each person's specific problem in the brain.


an intelligent program

Dysolve® builds a learning program just for you. Unlike other approaches, Dysolve® can handle the broad range of individual differences across the population.

Dysolve® is based on over 30 years of research on exceptional populations — groups whose performance falls outside the typical range.

Dysolve® program

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    This automated foundation program evaluates root problems that hinder learning, customizes training, responds to your input with new practices, and continually evaluates your progress.

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    Reading program helps former struggling learners catch up with vocabulary and reading acquisition.

    Students take the Dysolve® Program to clear up root problems before signing up for Resolve.

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  • Based on your evaluation, Dysolve® designs weekly activities just for you. The activities are packaged as games. The games may focus on phonemic awareness, auditory processing, processing speed, lexical retrieval, spelling, morpheme recognition and other skills depending on the problem.

Our insight comes from a knowledge base that’s broader than any other in this field

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